Graduate Program Requirements

Program Requirements

These are the program requirements for currently admitted graduate students who are either new or continuing graduate students in the Chicana and Chicano Studies Department. These are NOT the requirements for the Chicana and Chicano Studies Ph.D. Program application. 

To learn more about the Ph.D. Program application requirements, including test scores, deadlines, and required documents, please go to the Graduate Division Graduate Programs Overview and visit the Chicana and Chicano Studies Department page here.

For a detailed description of the program, please visit the Graduate Home Page. To learn more about program requirements, please read our 2019-2020 Chicana and Chicano Studies Graduate Student Handbook. The handbook covers topics such as: 

  • Ph.D Program Rules and Degree Requirements
  • Optional Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Emphases
  • M.A./Ph.D. Degree Requirements
  • Financial Aid and Employment
  • Tuition, Fees, and Residency
  • Housing
  • Fellowships

Forms and Petitions:

  • Comprehensive Study Plan ( Form A)
  • Yearly Study Plan ( Form B )
  • Employment Commitments ( Form C )
  • Graduate Request for Transfer Credit ( Form D )
  • Graduate Request for UCSB Course Credit ( Form E )
  • Graduate Student Petition for Employment over 50% Time ( Form F )
  • Contract for Independent Study Course ( Form K )
  • Individual Professor’s Evaluation and Grading of Qualifying Examinations ( Form L )
  • Committee’s Evaluation and Grading of Qualifying Examinations ( Form M )
  • Faculty Evaluation of Teaching Assistant(s) ( Form Q )
  • New Faculty Advisor Confirmation ( Form R )

More forms are available on the Graudate Division website.