Department Honors Students, Nataly & Zacarias, Present Annual Projects at URCA

From illuminating Chicana/o experiecnes within educational and carceral institutions to advocating for social justice within our community, their work is nothing short of inspiring!

We proudly announce the participation of two Chicana/o Studies Honors students in this year’s URCA Poster Colloquium! Nataly Rincon and Zacarias Bernal have not only further deepened our understanding of Chicana/o experiences within educational and carceral institutions, but have also found ways to reignite commitment to social justice within the Chicana/o/x community.

Through their research, Nataly and Zacarias illuminate untold stories and perspectives within the Chicana/o/x and Latina/o/x communities. Not only does their work amplify our voices of, they also inspire us and allow us to recognize the transformative power of intergenerational conversations within marginalized communities.

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