Undergraduate Program

Over the past four decades, the Department has developed an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on history and narrativity, cultural production and social processes. Courses probe the roots of traditions beginning in the indigenous cultures of Mexico and Central America and extending into the many areas of contemporary American society, including politics, education, literature, the arts, and religion. Chicana and Chicano Studies scholars develop the necessary analytical and methodological skills to better understand the experiences of Chican@s, Latin@s, and other under-represented minority ethnic communities.


Peer Advisor Application

The Chicana/o Studies Department will hire Peer Advisors for Academic Year 2018-2019. If you will be a junior or senior next year, please consider applying to these positions.



Major Requirements

Reminder: courses taken for the major require a letter grade.

Current Major Requirements


Change of Major

If you are interested in changing your major, please complete these forms:

Change of Major Petition

Chicana/o Studies Major Requirements

This form is required if you wish to pursue more than one major:

Memo of Understanding for Double Majors


Spanish Language Requirement:

Our Spanish language requirement may be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • Complete Spanish 3 at UCSB or its equivalent at another college or university.
  • Achieve a score of 3 or higher on the College Board Advanced Placement Examination in Spanish
  • Achieve a minimum score of 570 on the Spanish with Listening SAT Subject Test
  • Complete the third year of Spanish in high school with a grade at least C.
  • Pass a UCSB Spanish language placement examination with a minimum score of 374
  • or AP Spanish Language score of 3 or higher.

This information is based on the most recent Letters and Science Academic Requirements (LASAR) document: http://www.duels.ucsb.edu/advising/planning/degree


Tentative Course Offerings, AY2017-2018:

This schedule of courses is subject to change. Current UCSB students should monitor the Gaucho On-Line Data (GOLD) system for official course schedule details.

Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018
CHST 1A Introduction to Chicano/a Studies  CHST 1B Introduction to Chicano/a Studies  CHST 1C Introduction to Chicano/a Studies 
CHST 91E Special Topic CHST 103 Chicana/o Media CHST 125B Contemporary Chic Art
CHST 135 Critical Race Theory in Chicana/o Education CHST 107 Politics of Language, Accent, and Translation  CHST 132 A History of Chicana/o Education
CHST 138 Barrio Popular Culture CHST 151 De-Colonizing Feminism  CHST 187 Language, Power, and Learning 
CHST 148 Chicana Art and Feminism  CHST 154 Gender and Sexuality in the Americas  CHST 191 Special Topics in Chicano Studies
CHST 158 Spoken Word Art Performance Activism (SWAPA)  CHST 168E History of the Chicano Movement  CHST 191C Special Topic
CHST 158L Spoken Word Art Performance Activism (SWAPA) Lab CHST 188C Chicano Theater Workshop  CHST 191L Special Topic
CHST 172 Law and Civil Rights CHST 191J Special Topic CHST 191M Special Topic
CHST 168F Racism in American History  CHST 191A Special Topic CHST 193 Senior Seminar
CHST 184A Chicana Writers  CHST 191B Special Topic CHST 195C Community Studies
CHST 191D Special Topic CHST 193 Senior Seminar CHST 197HC Honors Project Writ.
CHST 195A Community Studies CHST 195B Community Studies CHST 594CS Special Topics
CHST 197HA Honors Project Sem. CHST 197HB Honors Project Res. CHST 594MG Special Topics
CHST 594MDS Special Topics CHST 594FL Special Topics  


Course Descriptions:

Chicana/o Studies General Catalog


Petition Process

If you are interested in petitioning a course to count toward the Chicana/o Studies major, you may send the request to Professor Hurtado (aida@chicst.ucsb.edu), Chicana/o Studies Director of Undergraduate Studies. The request should include:

  • The syllabus for the course
  • List the quarter that you completed the course
  • Your grade
  • The requirement that you wish to target with your petition.