Letter from the Department

Dear CHST Students,

The faculty and staff of the Department of Chicana/o Studies would like you to know that we share your alarm at the outcome of the presidential election.  We, too, are disheartened that even with the consolation that our home state of California strongly endorsed the needs and interests of a diverse population and even though Trump lost the popular vote, there were enough voting Americans willing to name him president elect.  

Many of us felt and feel targeted by the statements made by Donald Trump during his campaign and by many of his supporters since.  We invite you to join us in exploring and creating productive ways to address our developing situation as a community, but we also remind you that the campus has many resources to support you individually.  

We would also like to thank all of the students who shared their experiences, perspectives and concerns at the “After-the-Election” Event held at Corwin Pavilion this afternoon (11/9), hosted by a collaboration of the Departments of Asian American Studies, Black Studies, Chicana/o Studies, Feminist Studies and the Office of Student Affairs.  The university’s mission to embrace diversity is heavily reliant on such collaborations, and we expect to be working more closely together now more than ever.

In solidarity,

The Department of Chicana/o Studies