Congratulations to 2016 CHST Doctorates and Honors Students!

The following students earned graduate degrees or earned Bachelors' degrees "With Distinction" in Chicana/o Studies.

Honors Students (with thesis title and mentor)

Yazmin Alvarez, "El Poder de Recuerdos" (Prof. M. Garcia)


Maribel Franco, "Revisiting 'Parental Involvement' Among Parents of Latina/o College Students" (Prof. D. I. Casillas)


Lorena León, "Chicano Novels and Education" (Prof. F. Lomelí)


Celina Lua, "East Los Angeles Taco Trucks: Mobile Borders" (Prof. G. Conchas)


Nayeli Maldonado, “'From Dog to God': The Politics of Cholo Goth Style, Gender and Fandom" (Prof. D. I. Casillas)


Andrea Ortega-González, "Pintando Nuestra Historia: Feminism and Decoloniality in Muralism" (Prof. M. J. Díaz-Sánchez)




Jessica Lopez Lyman, “Gendering the Midwest Regional Imaginary: Chicana/Latina Performance in Urban Minnesota” (PhD ’16)

Sara Hinojos, “The Racial Politics of Black and Brown Linguistic Scripts in U.S. Media” (PhD ’16)

Felicia Lopez, “Mayahuel and Tlahuizcalpanteuctli in the Nahua Codices: Indigenous Readings of Nahuatl Pictorial and Alphabetic Texts” (PhD ’16)







Dra. Sara Hinojos and Dra. Jessica Lopez-Lyman