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Eddy F. Alvarez (Chicana/o and Latina/o immigrant queer cultures, identities, sexualities and histories, queer community activism, aesthetics, theories, representation, geo-spatial queer narratives)

Michelle P. Baca (Representations of the body in Chicana/o cultural production; critical race and gender studies)

Ana Barba (US third world feminist epistemology and research methodology, identity and intersectionality, women of color activism and leadership, access, diversity, and equity in higher education)

Rosie C. Bermudez (Chicana feminism; women of color feminism; US third world women; Mexicana and Chicana activist history in Los Angeles; social movements; oral history; and Feminist Studies)

Eduardo Blanco (Literature and subverting ideological apparatuses; spatial organizations of power and resistance; heterotopias; production of counter hegemonic postionalities)

William A. Calvo-Quiros (Chicana/o Epistemologies; knowledge & power;
lowriders; visual production; Chicana/o material culture; barriology)

Nicholas F. Centino (Chicana/os in the atomic age; Chicana/o and Latina/o popular culture; Raza Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues)

Carisa Prieto Cortez (Chicana feminism; identity constructs and critical race; gender and sexuality studies)

Juan Sebastian Ferrada (Chicana/o language politics, particularly queer Latina/o linguistic practices, accent studies, bilingualism, and linguistic capital)

Amy Foss (California indigenous peoples; mission studies; identity development; mental health treatment strategies)

Francisco Fuentes (Latino religion & theology; postcolonialism; youth culture)

Magda Garcia (Theorizations of empire, globalization, Women of Color feminisms, third space feminist theory (with an emphasis on Chicana), literary theory, border studies)

Amber Rose González (Chican@ cultural studies; U.S. third world feminisms; Chicana feminism & folklore; gender & sexuality studies; oral history)

Sara Veronica Hinojos (Media Studies; Black and Brown race relations; Latina and Latino popular culture; Feminist Studies; sociolinguistics; and qualitative methods)

Gustavo A. Lopez (Citizenship; nationalism; transnationalism; immigration (particularly with regards to their criminalization, incorporation, and political mobilization)

Felicia Rhapsody Lopez (Aztec and Mayan cultures, writing, and mythology; writing of Chicana Fiction based on history, mythology, and religion)

Jessica Lopez Lyman (Chicana/US Third World Feminism, Minnesota Chicanidad, performance art and transracial community building)

Tomás A. Madrigal (Cultural studies; subaltern studies; indigenous studies; epistemologies of resistance)

Janett Barragan Miranda (The gay Latino/Chicano experience in the U.S. in junction with oral histories and performance studies)

Delores M. Mondragon (Chicana cultural production; intersectionality; oral history & oppositional ethnography through acquired space; multi-racial-cultural & Ethnic studies or veteran/active duty personnel; globalization; immigration; transnationalism; and border issues)

Ricardo Elias Ortega (Education policy; undocumented students; cultural studies; sexual deviancy; criminalized youth)

Gloria Elena Poveda-Toriche (Chicanas/Latinas in higher education; CRT; Chicana/o Studies as a discipline rooted in: oral history, testimonio, cultural activism, social change, protest art, Chicano literary criticism, cultural memory)

Marla Ramirez (Immigration; undocumented students in higher education; political/social movements)

Adrianna Michelle Santos (Chicana/o literature and cinema; feminist theory, pop culture; critical race; gender & sexuality)

Cristina Serna (Queer Chicana/o & Mexicana/o cultural production & activism; women of color & Xicana feminisms; queer people of color critical theories)

Adrianna Marie Bayer Simone (Chicana literature; Feminist Studies; postcolonial studies; Chicana falsa; multiple consciousness; gender and identity theory; and cultural studies)

Ester N. Trujillo (Latina/o entrepreneurship, semi-formal micro-enterprise and resilience; Central American diasporas and transnationalism; ethnography and oral history)

Silvia Toscano Villanueva (Chicana/os & the educational pipeline; humanizing & transformative pedagogies; psychology of liberation & praxis; resistance ideologies & practices across borders; postcolonial theory & literature)


 Completed M.A. Qualifying Papers: go to top

Eddy F. Alvarez: ¿Transgénero inmigrante y qué?: Bamby Salcedo, Selfcraft, and the Making of a Transgender Male-to-Female Activist

Jose Anguiano: Listening to California's Missions: Mission Music and the Indigenous Experience in Colonial California

Michelle Baca: Ulcerated, Amputees and the Bodies That Could Save Them:
An Analysis of Alejandro Morales, Oscar Zeta Acosta and John Rechy

Eduardo Blanco: Reconfiguring the Semiotic Operationality of Textual Discourse in John Rechy’s The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez

William A. Calvo-Quiros: Lowriders as Expressions of Chicana/o Vernacular Knowledge

Thomas Carrasco: Days of Troy Oppositional Performance as Cultural Production in Los Angeles' Troy Cafe, 1990-1995

Nicholas F. Centino: From London to East Los’ A Cultural History of La Raza and the Rockabilly Scene

Carisa Prieto Cortez: Inking Identity: A study of Individual and Collective Motivations For Tattoo Among Chicana College Students in California

Amy Foss: Histories of Marginalization, the State, and Dis-Memberings of California Indigenous People: An Oral History of a Barbareño Chumash Elder

Francisco Fuentes: Men and Masculinities in the Maquiladora Shop Floor: A Case Study of one of Central Mexico's Maquiladoras

Amber Rose González:  The Labor of Memory:  Personal Risks and Collective Concerns in the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Supermarket Strike.

Sara Veronica Hinojos: Re-Visions of Chico and the Man: Chicanos and 1970s Television

Rolando Rene Longoria II: Silence and Femicide in Ciudad Juarez: A Critical, Post-Colonial Study

Felicia Rhapsody Lopez:  Mayahuel and Maguey as Teotl in the Codex Borgia: Establishing a Visual Grammar for Reading Directional Tree Panels

Jessica Lopez Lyman: Isolated Vidas: Reclaiming Minnesota Chicana/o Bodies, Sitios y Lenguas

Tomás A. Madrigal: Community Formation at Goleta Barbers: A Case Study of a Mexican/Chicano Barrio Barbershop in Goleta, CA

Ricardo Elias Ortega: Latino Undergraduates Navigating the Undocumented University

Marla Ramirez: “A New Brown Model Minority”? — Undocumented immigrant youth, AB 540, and the federal DREAM Act

Adrianna Michelle Santos: Theorizing Beyond Metaphor to Survival Narrative: Chicana Discourses of Rape and Sexual Violence in Ana Castillo’s So Far From God.

Cristina Serna: "Queer Globalizations": Exploring Transnationalized Feminist Cultures among Queer Chicana, Latina, and Mexican Lesbian Activists and Artists

Jessie Turner: An Impermissible Borderlands: White/Mexican Multiraciality and the Vectors of Identity Formation, Migration, and Chican@ Community Membership.


 Completed Dossier and M.A. Comprehensive Exams: go to top

Nichole M. Garcia
Gustavo A.  Lopez
Delores M. Mondragon
Ester N. Trujillo

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