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Chicano Studies Institute

The Chicano Studies Institute is an organized research unit founded in 1969 to develop and support research on the history and contemporary socio-cultural, political, artistic, and economic conditions of Chicanos/as, Mexicanos/as, and Latinos/as. The Institute brings together faculty who engage in Chicano Studies through work groups, collaborative research and creative projects, publications, conferences, seminars, and exhibits.

The Institute supports the Luis Leal Endowed Chair in conjunction with the department. The Institute is also developing initiatives to strengthen the recruitment and retention of faculty who specialize in Chicano/a Studies. The Institute prioritizes research initiatives and training activities for graduate and undergraduate students.

Public service forms an integral part of the Institute's mission. As one of only two organized research units devoted to the study of Chicano/a and Latino/a populations in the University of California system, the Institute is often called upon to provide information to local community agencies, community leaders, and state and national entities, as well as to the local campus community. Each year the Institute co-sponsors numerous community events designed to enhance an understanding and appreciation of Chicano/a and Latino/a society and culture.

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